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Academic study

Academic study

Use the opportunity to directly apply what you have learned at a University of Applied Sciences both in the team and in everyday working life.

We will provide you with intensive support when it comes to writing a dissertation. As a factory-based student, we give you the chance to gather valuable practical experience and earn on the side. Practical work experience is an ideal opportunity to gain an insight into the world of work. In addition, we provide plenty of useful tips for your course.


  • Factory-based students
  • Dissertations
  • Work experience

Work experience whilst at school

Have you got plans concerning how your career could develop?

As part of practical work experience, we offer you the chance to get to know the different areas of work within a medium-sized company. We will provide you with initial work experience, both within a commercial environment and a technical environment.


  • Work experience whilst at school
  • Work experience during a holiday

Are you committed, ready to learn and a team player?

If so, we look forward to receiving your full application details by e-mail: