Quick Suctioning Immersion Pumps

Quick Suctioning Immersion Pump

  • Easy mounting on top of the tank

  • Simple pipe connection with 45 degree SAE flange

  • Long lifetime due to low wear anti-friction bearing or cartridge shaft bushing available

  • Patented BRINKMANN´s Suction De-aeration System

  • Chip to coolant ratio of up to 1 % by weight

  • Available with additional agitator at the pump suction for breaking up bundles of chips

  • Wear resistant wetted parts

Axial/semi-open impellers
      Item group   Pump type   Capacity
  SFL550...2350   arrow SFL550...2350   Quick Suctioning Immersion Pumps   660 GPM   ...165 Feet  
  SFL860...2060   arrow SFL860...2060   Quick Suctioning Immersion Pumps   600 GPM   ...180 Feet