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Centrifugal Pumps and Screw Spindle Pumps for every requirement

BRINKMANN PUMPS offers you a complete range of coolant pumps for every application. Our innovative pump solutions are primarily used in different sectors within the machine tool industry. Additional applications include the printing industry, the plastic industry and the beverage industry. In any case, we focus on customer-oriented pump technology which perfectly fulfills all requirements. Let us convince you of our products' exceptional efficiency and performance!


Low pressure pump

Machine tool coolant supply
Low Pressure Pumps

Discover our wear resistant pumps for rinsing, cooling, or backflushing filters or as single stage lift pumps for chip conveyors or applications with heavy air entrainment as they occurs in grinding applications.

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Medium pump and High pressure pump

Machine tool coolant supply
Medium/High Pressure Pumps

Small and compact centrifugal or screw pumps for external cooling or for internally cooled tools with pressures of up to 200bar. The pumps are designed to precisely to meet the required duty point and can be cointrolled with the latest frequency converter technology.

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Lifting pump

Chip handling
Lifting Pumps

In these applications, the focus is on lifting pumps for pump back stations, cutter pumps for cutting of stringy chips and vortex pumps. All pump types are available as vertical immersion pumps for tank mounted applications as well as horizontal end suction pumps for inline installations.

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Plastic pump and Mini centrifugal pump

Plastic Pumps /
Miniature Centrifugal Pumps

In addition to special solutions for tempering devices and industrial water applications such as glass grinding or dampening solution recovery, this is where you will also find simple self priming suction pumps for coolant extraction from the machine bed.

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