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Plastic Pumps and Miniature Centrifugal Pumps

The Brinkmann range is supplemented by compact plastic pumps and small centrifugal pumps (as high temperature versions for up to 150° C), even outside of typical machine tool applications. With semi-open and peripheral, turbine impellers, these pump series have developed their specific application range.

For 50 Hz applications please refer to the product lines on the European website.


Plastic pump KTF

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Plastic Immersion Pump 

  • Easy mounting on top of the tank

  • Compact design

  • Single phase version available

  • Seal-less

  • Low-wear anti-friction bearing

Impellers semi-open
Fluids industrial water; warm, cold, with and without chemical admixtures, distilled, deionized
Volumetric delivery up to 110 GPM
Delivery head up to 145 Feet

Examples of applications

  • Externally cooled tools

  • Beer cooling system

  • Dampening cooling System

  • Glass grinding

Miniature centrifugal pump / Suction pump KC, SB

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Miniature Centrifugal Pump / Suction Pump

  • Foot mounted, self-priming

  • Compact design

  • Available with lip seal or mechanical seal

Impellers open / peripheral
Fluids industrial water, coolants, cooling/cutting oils, fuel oil
Volumetric delivery up to 17.5 GPM
Delivery head up to 180 Feet

Examples of applications

  • Removal of water based coolants

  • Cooling circles

Miniature centrifugal pump BMK

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Miniature Centrifugal Pump

  • Foot mounted, inline pump; gravity fed suction

  • Compact design

  • For high fluid temperatures

  • With magnetic coupling

Impellers peripheral
Fluids industrial water
Volumetric delivery up to 15 GPM
Delivery head up to 225 Feet

Examples of applications

  • Tempering systems, open or closed loop

  • Up to 160 degree C fluid temperature